Job searches

There are several practices that can get you started with the job searches.


Creating a professional email address

Consider creating a separate email account to organize your job search procedures.

Inform Your connections

Stay in touch with the professional contacts that everyone could offer you possible opportunities.

Job search platforms and alerts

There are many job search engines available in the market that you can search and filter the job search according to your needs. It is suggested to check these sites frequently or setting up email alerts to keep you updated with the job opportunities for your industry or filtered areas.

Social network

Create a professional profile on LinkedIn is a common practice for job seekers. Recruiters from all over the world could have a chance to reach and offer you opportunities that can never imagine. Some people would also utilize other medias such as Facebook and Twitter for networking or growing visions. Just ensure to choose the most suitable platform for yourself for your job search process. You could be benefited from the trendy topics and discussions running on these platforms. - You are suggested to follow us on Linkedin for more industry insights and job information –

Tailored resume and cover letter for specific jobs

Update the content according to the job that you are applying for to develop the best fit portfolio that makes you stand out.

Utilize HKIC

Visit the HKIC website and the Linkedin page for a full listing of jobs across the industries that you are in; or directly approach one of our consultants for the jobs update.