Career advice – Resumes (CV)

Resume/ Curriculum Vitae (CV) represents the portfolio of a person, which is the simplest yet the quickest approach for recruiters to understand the applicant’s background and abilities. A well-designed resume (CV) often contains notable content and presented in a structured format. The information provided should be precise and be verified by documentation.

There are several elements to be included in the Resume (CV).

  • Your full Contact information
  • Personal Statements
  • Your Career to date, including reasons of leaving
  • Your Academic Profile and Professional membership
  • Your Achievements/ Awards
  • Key Skills and Strength
  • Current and Expected salary package and Notice period
  • Professional work format photo (if applicable)

Points to note

  • Try to keep Length to 2 pages
  • Clear and direct message
  • Avoid slang language and frequent use of the word “Ï”
  • Standardize the format
  • List in reverse chronological order
  • accurate and proven Academic and Career Record - possible for potential employers to reference check your creditability.
  • Do not just rewrite your job roles, and should have variance on each work record
  • Ensure your contact methods are valid
  • Be professional – cross-check the grammar and choice of words before submission
  • A professional work format photo, not a selfie or an over-edited photo

Below is a reference format to be used when writing a Resume (CV).


Curriculum Vitae

Full Name
Date of Birth
Marital Status
Your Contact (Phone)
Your Contact (E-mail Address)
Your Contact (LinkedIn Address)

Personal Statement - briefly introduce yourself and why can meet all the skills needed in the job description

Academic Profile - qualifications obtained, list in reverse chronological order

Professional Membership - qualifications obtained, list in reverse chronological order

Career History - list in reverse chronological order; your work history should focus on the key skills you can transfer to any environment

- Company Name
- Work Duration
- Website/ Company Introduction
- Job Title
- Report Line
- Job Duties
- Achievements
- Reasons of Leaving

Language proficiency / I.T. Skills / Core Skills - additional information that can show your proven ability

Current Salary Package
Expected Salary Package
Notice Period

Some action words choices that can be used to brighten your resume.

activated  analyzed  awarded   built  coached  collaborated  constructed   consolidated  designed  developed  evaluated   established  facilitated  generated  implemented  launched  offered  optimized  organized  reduced  resolved  solved  strengthened  tailored  upgraded  verified