Career advice – Job Application Email

What are the differences between a Job Application Email and a covering letter? A Job Application Email is a direct and simplify version of the covering letter.

This is the first impression of you to the recruiter. A clear message to present yourself - WHAT opportunities you are seeking and WHY you are the best fit to the company and to the role.

An attractive Job Application Email can make you stand out from the crowd of applications that your resume (CV) and the covering letter will be screened wisely, and a relatively high chance of acquiring an interview.

There are several elements to be included in the Job Application Email.

  • The position that you are applying
  • The source that you reach the role’s information
  • Personal Statements
  • Your Key Skills and Strength
  • Your Interest to the role and to the company
  • Your Contacts

Points to note

  • Clear and direct message
  • Do not copy the content from your resume
  • Ensure your contact methods are valid
  • Make sure the information for job reference/ role is accurate
  • Be professional - cross check the grammar and choice of words before submission

Below is a reference format to be used when writing a Job Application Email.

Dear Sir or Madam:

Re: Job Reference/Position etc Bold and Underline
Paragraph 1 – The source of the position and further information
Paragraph 2 – Reasons for applying and the Skills you can bring or benefit
Paragraph 3 – Highlight key experience you gain from other positions
Paragraph 4 – What you like about and How you can benefit the company
Paragraph 5 – End of letter
Yours sincerely (If you added their name) /
Yours faithfully (If you addressed it to Sir or Madam)

Your Full Name