Career advice – Accept Offer / Counter Offer


The hard work has finally paid off. Take a moment to celebrate your success and begin to review the offer thoroughly before acceptance. Be transparent with your recruiter to negotiate the time you need to make the right career decision.
If you are uncertain about something when it comes to the offer, be open and honest If you are uncertain about something when it comes to the offer, be open and honest about your thoughts. Ask before you accept to avoid miscommunication and disappointment after.


    Most offers will deliver in a written format which is easy to understand.
  • Job Title
  • Job Duties and Responsibilities
  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Work hours
  • Terms, depending on companies
  • Expect on-board date (if applicable)

Counter Offer

  • Sometimes you may receive an offer that is under your expectations which we suggested you review the pros and cons for your current employment against the new offering. Salary and compensation packages are highly measured; They are not the only elements to build a successful, long-term career. You may also consider company values, culture, people and the reason you would look for a change of career as a start.

Salary negotiation

Usually, this negotiation process only happens to the more experienced positions, based on the market price level, your past work achievements and experiences and abilities. Most entry-level position’s salary and benefits are final set in stone which does not allow for the opportunity of negotiation.

Accept before share

Ensure you communicate your job offer acceptance to your recruiter before sharing to the world as things could change timely. Make sure you meet all pre-employment key-dates. When the employment is confirmed, stay in touch with your recruiter/ manager regarding the onboarding processes and the logistics of your first work day. Welcome on board.

Welcome on board.

You do not need to make this decision alone if you used the agency for the entire recruitment process. Contact your consultant and share your real thoughts that they can provide you with professional advice to help you finalise your decisions. -------