We HKIC Human Resources Services, established in 1990, providing professional recruitment service for many reputable enterprises. Our client network covers sizable USA / European buying offices, global tradings to public listed manufacturing groups. With our years of successful referrals, we have built enormous database in potential talents of various fields with vast job exposure in sales development, merchandising, technical support to retail aspects etc.
With the well developed base in Hong Kong, HKIC soon realized the Greater China would become our important focus since the 21st century. We therefore set up our China regional office in Guangzhou and well liaised with China authorities such as The GuangDong Foreign Investment Service Centre as well as The Shenzhen University; Consequently succeed in referring China local staff for Hong Kong's corporation and recruited high calibre executives for China's enterprises. Besides, importing / exporting local talent from China should be also one of our achievement in these years.
Throughout the decade, our professional Consultants accumulated rich experience in auditing candidates' strength and analyze clients' requirements; we are confident that our effective human resources management services should be your first choice in recruiting Hong Kong and China staffs. ����������
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